Transportation of Industrial Minerals

Many products for the industrial sector have to be delivered just in time. For these products, also referred to as industrial minerals, it is vitally important to ensure the highest possible quality throughout the logistics process. That requires an experienced, flexible and innovative logistic services provider with the appropriate in-house know-how to take care of all your industrial mineral transportation needs. Solotransa is just such a service provider.

Our Calling Card

Just as in the petrochemical industry, the requirements are strict. To ensure the safety of our staff and you as the client during our activities, all of our drivers are VCA certified. Even in case of disaster they know exactly what they need to do. In addition, we ensure that our vehicles are kept exceptionally clean. Our modern and uniform fleet (with tipping silo semi-trailers of 38 m3 to 60 m3) always serves as our calling card on the road.

Transporting Powders, Plastics and Granulates

Solotransa transports various dry bulk goods by road including minerals and powders but also plastics. We drive for a large number of petrochemical producers and merchants within this industry. We can be found all over Europe every day. Thanks to our professional drivers and modern fleet, we are in a position to provide them with an excellent service and to respond to any situation. Our strength is in our flexibility. With our tipping silo semi-trailers, we are able to handle any order in a professional manner.

Transportation of Animal Feed and Supplements

With the Solotransa you’re in the right place for solutions for the transportation of GMP+ products. The fact that providing a quality service is always a top priority for us is underscored by the fact that we are GMP+ certified. By this means, we can guarantee that the transport complies fully with all relevant statutory regulations and legal requirements. For this special transport, we make use of tipping silo semi-trailers of 38 m3 to 66 m3.

Your Wood Pellets Reach their Destination

Every day, Solotransa transports wood pellets from various producers and merchants to all major cooperatives throughout Europe. Your wood pellets will also be in good hands with us and will be transported to their destination with the greatest possible care, whereby the added value is in our flexibility, resourcefulness and our ability to switch rapidly. We can always react quickly to your demands.

Transporting Construction Materials Related Products

Solotransa is a mid-sized transport company with almost 30 years’ experience. Our roots go back to transporting construction materials related products throughout Europe, including cement, fly ash, lime and dry sand. To this end we deploy a varied and modern fleet, years of experience and a large network. We’ll always guarantee that your freight will be delivered just in time. Accordingly, we are an expert logistics partner for our customers and are able to relieve them of the entire burden.

Removal of Contaminated Fly Ash

Do you have anything to do with fly ash in addition to your construction materials?  Are you looking for a partner who can remove your contaminated fly ash from a waste incinerator? For that too, Solotransa. Transport is the right choice. We have all the necessary licences in house. Our drivers have years of experience in this specialist transportation. We know better than anyone else how to move your contaminated fly ash? To its end destination safely and rapidly.

Vacuum Vehicle for Dry Powder and Granular Products

The newest service from Solotransa is the deployment of four vacuum vehicles, which are ideal for emergency services when goods have to be removed quickly. In these sorts of situations, rapid reaction is our core strength. Our vacuum vehicles are located in Hardenberg, which enables us to be on site within 24 hours.

Vacuum Vehicles for any Powdery or Granular Substance

Our vacuum vehicles are equipped with the most heavy duty compressors of their type. These compressors make it possible to vacuum up any powdery or granular substance. And the fact that we also offer the option of removing your contaminated goods, means that we can completely remove the burden from you, leaving you to focus on restarting the production process.