The management of Solotransa UAB undertakes to:


  1. We will seek timely and accurate execution of orders;
  2. Take responsible commitments to our customers;
  3. We strive to form long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers
  4. Will solve all possible incidents openly and responsibly, seeking to establish a reputation of a responsible and reliable partner;
  5. We will seek to create a trusty inner company environment with reciprocal assistance in the collective;
  6. Ensure that transported feed is safe during the transportation, in accordance with regulatory requirements and customer requirements.


We strive to ensure that all employees of the company consciously implement the requirements of the quality management and feed safety management system, participate in its development and make efforts to continuously improve their activities.

This quality policy is known and understood by all employees of the company, available to interested parties, constantly updated, reviewed and evaluated to remain relevant.